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We consider it as our duty to guide the customer to the right direction. This needs a large product line because the needs are diverse
About Us :
OMNI INFOWORD was implanted in 2004 with the sole aim of providing Complete enterprises Solution and Facility Management services to its Client with the much required quality service in the field of   Information Technology. Omni InfoWord is leading business partner of Hewlett Packard, IBM/Lenovo, DELL,Sify, SAP, and Oracle etc. to provide end-to-end solution to our enterprise customers.

Omni InfoWord is the first Company in India which focuses on providing complete Solution in the field of SMART computing equipment and aim to become one of the leading supplier of SMART Devices in the fast growing Indian Information Technology Industry. The mission is possible only through quality & innovative after-sales-service and selling by assessing of need of our customer.

The fundamental economic factors of supply and demand show that we have the growth potential to create a brighter future. On the supply side, the rapid advancement of technology and high cost and on down side the risks are powerful barriers that prohibit all but the determined organization from joining in the race. With the extensive experience that InfoWord has and its major alliances with international industry professionals, the leadership role is obvious. Hence we have mission to provide technologically advanced best in-class products and consumer solutions for major corporate houses, government sectors and business enterprises through mutually profitable strategic relationships.

Quality control at OMNI InfoWord Pvt Ltd(OIPL) is focused on implementing stringent monitoring at various levels as per ISO 9001:2008  standards. Customer’s interests are safeguarded through rigorous quality assurance program, which delivers excellent service. We emphasize on implementing modern techniques and methods in quality control, which gives us the competitive edge. The customer support group, which provides service and maintenance, forms the backbone of the company. Our expertise in product management services helps provide an effective solution through detailed planning and effective liaison between all concerned. What better indicator could there be of this than the recognition of our effort in offering a SAP based PUBLIC DELIVERY SYSTEM by Financial Insight( an IDC publication). In our ongoing endeavor to add value to our existing clients, OIPL has entered into a strategic partnership with SAP and Oracle to have an Industry Specific Solution(s).

Outstanding service requires focused energy. Slogans will not do it. Posters will not do it. Inspirational memos will not do it. It happens when the managers of organization step up to their responsibilities as leaders articulate a concept of service, which the people can find believable, feasible, worthwhile and rewarding. We at OIPL through right leadership have been able to keep the organizational climate ready & management commitment present for service management to take root and thrive. OIPL exists to serve the needs of the people who are serving the customer. OIPL adopts twin logic of mass customization and one-to-one marketing which binds us with our customers in what is called Learning Relationship – an ongoing connection that becomes SMARTER as the two interact with each other, collaborating meet the customers’ needs over time.OIPL is a ISO 9001 professionally managed company with highest ethics and corporate governance.
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