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Security Managment
In this new age where everything is connected, thieves and vandals are always just a few clicks away from the heart of your business. So security should be there from the beginning to protect you now-not added on at a later date after an unfortunate event has occurred.
What keeps you up at night ? Do you worry about how you can:
Backup data and keep systems available 24/7
Meet new compliance regulations
Protect computers from spyware, viruses, and other threats
Prepare to submit an insurance claim after a disaster
Keep business critical applications always available
Meet mandated higher service level agreements
Manage virus protection and other security updates across my business
Reduce server downtime
Better manage IT assets with limited IT staff
Secure your business at every layer
We offer a smarter, simpler and safer way to protect your business as a whole. We provide layers of security to help you defend your data, applications, operating system, and network; and to ensure they remain secure, we provide management solutions that keep all of this up to date.
As threats become more sophisticated and more diverse, you should consider developing a comprehensive security strategy rather than implementing an uncoordinated collection of precautions to protect multiple points of vulnerability. You need to protect your hardware, data, applications, operating systems and networks. You may also need broader security management solutions and services to find and fix vulnerabilities and to keep your security defenses up to date.
Physical Security: Keep your computers locked down and safe from physical theft.
Data Security: Restrict access to data on personal systems to only those who should have it.
Application and Operating System Security: Utilize applications like antivirus software and
software firewalls to block incoming attacks.
Network Security: Protect your network from intruders and viruses with network firewalls,
  Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), intrusion detection and prevention systems, and web and content filtering.
Security Management: Consolidate your approach to security management, assess your overall
  vulnerability, and manage patches and updates carefully.
Security Services: Work with Omni Infoword india and our expert channel partners to get confidential
  and expert advice to help you protect your business from security threats.
We at Omni Infoword india are associated with companies like Sonicwall, Mcafee to provide you the deep level of protection.
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